Just Jibes

I need to lean forward more.

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9 thoughts on “Just Jibes”

  1. Nice vids. Do you have a web page with your hardware specs? I’d love to get some video while sailing.

    BTW, the video doesn’t play well on my G4 iBook. It’s pretty choppy. Is this a Mac thing or just a symptom of my underpowered laptop?


  2. I notice that your new green helmet matches your SF. That, sir, is a fashion statement if ever I’ve seen one!

  3. I knew you would notice! I was debating whether to put on white gloves that day – I really should have! 🙂

  4. you’re sail flip is so classy. thanks for the unique perspective. i want gybes that look this good!!

  5. Sergey,
    Can you show how you mounted the camera to the front of the board? A pic would help.

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