Cheer up!

No wind, cold outside and waist is getting ready for 2011 season? Cheer up!

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Speed Daddy

From early ASD times Kipps teaches windsurfing at Coyote. Since I can’t catch him, I asked him to put the camera on his mast.

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Slap Me Around

I caught the bug and so now I have to do this all the time.

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Jack’s Claim

Friday evening at Candlestick.

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“Expression” Session

Highlights of the freestyle “expression” session from Friday July 23rd during US Nationals at Crissy Field. Very little wind, especially inside.

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Jean and Phil

Heat 1 of slalom on July 23rd

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Treasure Island

On Saturday. (photo stills are here)

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Sweet Day at the Stick

Friday July 9th. Clean sweet power.

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Crissy Field July 20th-24th.

There will be 2 Divisions.

  • New-School – Any trick counts.
  • Old-School – Bring your Carving Tricks and Light Wind Maneuvers.
    The only Aerial Trick that will be scored is a Forward.

You can enter both Divisions if you like!

Entrance Fee is $35 and gets you into all the action and parties at the Saint Francis Yacht Club.

Please Register ASAP at:

Stick Moves

Kevin Kan at Candlestick testing doublecam HD.

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