Jack’s Claim

Friday evening at Candlestick.

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Very nice composition as all your videos are. You have a unique talent to find the right audio for the video. It’s almost as if the songs were made for the video. Very impressive.

I’m sure this combo move has been done before but don’t know if it has been named. If it has I’ll bow to the author.

Having nearly mastered my donkey jibes I’ve been working on this combo for about a month. Yes, progress is slow for me in the Freestyle category. I was getting fairly consistent in my push tacks and it was a natural fit to add the sail and body 360 to it. I’ve only done them on the port side as my starboard side sail and body 360 is weak.

What you see in the video is actually my very first dry jackass tack. It was fortunate Sergey was there to tape the session.

I came up the name Jackass tack to compliment the Donkey jibe. It’s just coincident that my name is Jack. However I’m sure there are some who would think the shoe fits.

Thanks again Sergey for the great video record!


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