Haskins to 3rd Downwinder


Or the first 15 minutes of it as the cam paused during one of the wipeouts :( I really should have been sail and board size down that day.

direct link
Site1: Haskins
Site2: 3rd Avenue

4 thoughts on “Haskins to 3rd Downwinder”

  1. Glad you guys had a great time! At 2:52 on your video you can see the reason I wasn’t able to join you. I think I’ll set up a helmetcam for his next bicycle adventure. :)
    He doesn’t fall as much as you…but he still has training wheels!

  2. I wish I had training wheels that day :) So I would not have to do “re-enactments” on an Ezzy, no less.

  3. What type of video camera are you using?
    Looks like videos and windsurfing could lead to all kinds of mischief

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