Quality Compressed Videos with GoPro Hero

A Few Waves by GP

Here is how I compressed this Giampaolo’s amazing video:

  • Premiere Elements Shadows/Highlights filter (enable remove flicker in clip’s field options)
  • Sometimes it is worth to add just little bit of sharpen filter too, but not in this case
  • Frameserve (Debugmode) video to VirtualDub to resize to 400×304 (multiple of 16) and convert sound to 22050Hz Mono
  • Mencoder to encode into H.264 at 650Kbps (gobs of settings in the bat file, also need MP4Box)
  • Served from Amazon S3 using this script (the script needs unique player names if you have more than one player on a page). GP also points out (thanks!) that you’d want to remove page breaks if you post it on Blogspot.

    One reply on “Quality Compressed Videos with GoPro Hero”

    Thanks for the tips. I have Premier Elements v4, but I’ve never tried it. I just got a GoPro and tried using Roxio Easy Creator, but didn’t have any idea what settings to use.

    BTW, if you’re making videos to save onto DVD, what setting to you use for that? I want to archive my videos in the highest quality I can.

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