Loops V2

Updated with birthday party loops. Educated comments are welcome! Below is a Quicktime clip that takes a while to load, but lets you pause it and scrub back and forth frame by frame. Sailors: Kevin Kan, Aaron Vieira, Matt Harvey, Sofien Sehiri and Rich Wilde.

One reply on “Loops V2”

I like this one. Very rapid-fire. It’s a move that seems so basic, and sure, it’s technically “easy” (right?), but there’s so much tweaking that can be done to make it pleasing to the eye.

I’m getting to the point finally where I’m not totally freaked out going for them, but I still have a long way before I’ve got them dialed. I’m sailing away from like 1/10 or so.

There are some who think you should just go out there and try them every day. If you have very good pop technique, that might be true. I feel like I’m more productive when I select which days I go for them, when I confidently know I’m going to clear fin. The only time they are unpleasant for me is when I’m not getting a good release.

Good luck to you and all those who dream of landing a beauty someday.

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