ABK Camp Crashes

Warning – the only guy who completes a move in this video is Andy. The rest are carefully preselected splash sequences.

Site: The Access

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2 replies on “ABK Camp Crashes”

awesome video Serge! I was watching you guys go for new tricks on Saturday, and some of you were just hucking it w/ abandon! Kind of scary actually!

Nice Job man! wow when you edit it like that it looks pretty awEsome you guys were going after it, can’t say that you guys didn’t commit to the move. you can however say you guys were way over powerd but there was a little lady out on the same size sail for the most part throwing down hard, and she wouldn’t go smaller so you guys wouldn’t go smaller. ha ha ha say hi to everyone, hope to see some more footage of how cool the moves look that your now landing after going to the camp. keep it up man

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