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Saturday, May 30th. 27mph wind average + ebb. I need 15 more kilos on the belly or 15 less liters in the board!

Site: Powerlines

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Oh man the only thing missing from that video is ME! Looks like a really fun day.

killer sound track, amazing weather, rio rio rio! i expected to see charlie chaplin sail by.

Thanks for that shot of me jumping. I enjoyed the video, great footage! How fun. I’ve never had anyone photograph me.

That still is priceless. Mid-air, perfect shadow, spray from the launch, and the windmills in the background. Once again, great music choice: it’s so nice to hear something other than speed metal on a windsurf video.

I was taking Wyatt Miller’s class down at Crissy on Saturday — socked in and weak wind. Perfect conditions for my first successful backwinds. 🙂

Great vid, like the music, it was like being there! I was there, actually, but I am on ‘windsurf watch’ only, so decided to test my new mini-digi. Lots of stills, no jump but plenty of jibe. Shutter lag on the SD870… You may be in pictures (yes, you) if you were there May 30-31. If you played in close to the Sherman launch and want to see your excellent jibe. perfect form, or how great you look on your gear, e-me or IM me at consultVL on yahoo. I won’t open post without permission, this is just a way to pass the time while I get back in windsurf shape.

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