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The Fleet

With most of the bay shrouded in 3000ft-tall fog blanket, shining sun and steady WNW in Palo Alto made sailors appear in record numbers. What a day!

[flv: 640 352]

Site: Palo Alto

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Nice vid Sergey! I sailed there on Saturday and Sunday. I’ve never seen so many people there before! Some of the regulars were worried that my forum posts might attract visiting sailors and over crowd the place… but I didn’t post pictures or video! This place is pretty remote, and I doubt it will attract throngs of sailors more than what we saw this weekend, as it was pretty much the only game in town. Nice to see more helmet cam footage.

Great footage, the image quality and steadiness is pretty amazing for a helmet-cam out on the water!

I wish you were there on Saturday, I would buy you a beer for the footage of myself perfecting planing jibe.

Thanks for filming the other day!!!!! I was kind of hoping the wind would pick up abit but all in all that was a fun PA day. Thanks again for filming I really appreciate it!
Rich Wilde, (yellow and white Simmer sail)

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