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Crissy Field

I finally paid a visit to the awe-inspiring site to be respected. Libretto is here and here (I was way overpowered on the outside, though):

It was well worth it, 3hrs of traffic, mental blocks and all.

Site: Crissy Field

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Nice video, Sergey! I felt like I was out there next to you out past the South Tower. That place can be a handful… nice that Sargeant Paine was there whip your butt into gear! Don’t worry, I’ve often wondered myself how the hell I was gonna get back downwind. It really pays to have a buddy around for reassurance for sure.

That was a handful with a solid 5-6k of ebb around the tower and gust up to 40k.
I rode back down wind with my back foot in the leeward strap, fully lit and getting launched along the way.
6.3 was a little big ;0
Kutos to Sargeant Paine for the direct orders to sail back downwind without any fear!
Its days like that, that keep me comin gback for more!

Heh, Sergey was making upwind progress in a hurry. Time to start barking the orders. 🙂 But after that, I’d never seen anyone outside of Formula guys sail such a long, steep broad reach. What Sergey doesn’t know is that by the time we’d drifted nearly a mile outside the Gate I was about to tell him to sail with me over to Baker Beach and then wait for me to pick him up in my van. Glad it worked out differently. 🙂 My congrats to Sergey for overcoming the mental obstacle and getting back home safely.

Thanks guys! Mark, it is good that I didn’t know about Baker’s Beach option back then – good idea. Need to add money for taxi to my emergency kit 🙂

Hey Sergey,

It wouldn’t be the first time that somebody showed up at Crissy in a taxi wearing a wetsuit, but most of those are coming from the city front, wind dying on guys sailing a flood.

Funny Mark should mention the last chance option outside the gate.
He walked back to crissy after coming ashore at kirby cove on the marin side with last weeks big ebb.

To shorten the ride out, try launching at the old Coast Guard station, behind what is now the Gulf of the Farallons Marine Sanctuary. Park in the vicinity of the warehouses. Carry then rig your gear on the lawn. Head carry it to the water. There is wind shadow in the cove area. Wait for a puff, body drag to the Blackhauler bouy. 5 minutes and your under the bridge. To be honest when launching from Chrissy or the SFYC I have never made it to the bridge that far upwind.

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