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Reach for the Sky!

Seeing on WRAMS a promise of improbable winds at this time of year, I promptly took a day off. Although 30kt average did not materialize, I was able to sail my 84L wave (and tack it twice). Never mind his messed up ankle, Kevin Kan delivered quite a performance. Team Crushpad (Dave) showed Aaron a thing or two about catapults 🙂

Quality action photos of that day are here (by Mo Gunn)

Site: Coyote Point
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Ouch! Glad I was able to offer some wipe out entertainment. Great video, sure was a fun afternoon.

Great video and a great day although I was at 3rd – I like the music but am curious – do the obscure lyrics mean anything to people who haven’t lived in the UK (and had so much time on their hands that they have actually listened to the shipping forecast on radio 4)?

Great video!

Funny how Coyote had less wind than Palo Alto Tue and Wed. I was smoked on a 4.8 at Palo Alto Tuesday with wind in the mid 30s. You made a good choice for where to sail on a day off.

Kevin is really good. I’ve got the crashing part of the moves down but can’t seem to get much beyond that!

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